Twelve Ways To Contribute To Saving Lives

The saving of human lives is one of the highest Dharmas, but outside of the medical and paramedical professions, the actual choice to do so may come to a person only once or twice in a lifetime, if at all. However, any person has numerous and regular chances to contribute to saving human as well as other sentient beings in less direct ways as follows:

  1. Visualize all living beings as holy

  2. Urge people not to kill

  3. Give hope to a person in a suicidal mood

  4. Feed starving people and animals

  5. Stop using bug sprays and roach motels, etc.

  6. Rescue a trapped and drowning creature

  7. Take care to avoid driving over animals on the road

  8. Give people the Dharma, in on of its myriad forms

  9. Avoid speaking favorably of abortion

  10. Divert another person's attention just as he is absentmindedly
    or habitually about to crush a snail, swat a fly, etc.

  11. Rescue an animal slated for execution such as a turtle in a
    restaurant tank, or a dog at the SPCA

  12. Practice and promote vegetarianism

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