A devout believer in the Buddha's Law who is also a wise man is truly obliged to point out to his students any false doctrines, even though they be principles of his own sect. He must not lead the students astray. If, on the other hand, he finds a correct doctrine, even though it is a principle of another sect he should adopt and transmit it.

Men shall make the right religion prosperous, but the right religion shall not make men prosperous. Practicing the dharma includes food and clothes, but in food and clothes the practice of dharma is not found.

Monetary wealth is not a national treasure; rather a national treasure is a person who illuminates a single corner.

By holding grudges and repaying with hatred, hatred never ends; but by repaying with virtue, hatred is completely exhausted. Rather than bearing grudges about the things happening in this long night's dream called the world, cross the boundary into the dharma realm of the true Buddha.

The Lotus Sutra says, "choose the straight way and cast aside expediencies; preach the peerless doctrine." It also says, "What we should practice now is the Buddha's wisdom alone." Buddhists whose minds are set on the Way are called bodhisattvas. They hold themselves responsible for all bad things, while they credit others with all good things. Forgetful of themselves, they benefit others: this represents the summit of compassion.

My life will not last long. After my death, do not grieve in mourning attire. My colleagues of this mountain cannot drink sake because of complying with the prohibition. If you violate this rule, you are neither my colleagues nor my disciples. Recite the Hokekyo daily, study the correct teachings, strive in practicing meditation, and cause the Law to live forever put forth your utmost efforts, do not be lethargic in the practice of the Four Kinds of Meditation.

It is a great joy to be mindful of the world's emptiness moment to moment while maintaining the compassionate motivation. It is a delight to engage in a thousand affairs without losing the heart of emptiness through emotional outflows.

Maintain these admonitions in your heart and there will be great happiness, great happiness.

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