Where there is no vision the people perish. Nowadays, you no doubt have also noticed, everyone is INCREDIBLY BUSY. Even those few who would like to undertake ascetic training find it very difficult to extricate themselves from their worldly ties, obligations, and general all-around busyness. When that happens people, actual individuals, perish. I may find myself in too much of a hurry to stop when I witness an auto accident and see a bloody body on the roadside. Or when a kidnap victim desperately asks us to phone the police, we find ourselves too distracted and busy with work, and quickly forget all about the victim’s plight. Time is a problem at all levels. Nevertheless, for anybody with the will and ability to set aside to set aside a block of time to practice the Buddhadharma, I am offering the training in the arts of the mantrayana and the invitation to acquire the spiritual vision to deal with the difficulties that lie waiting in the near future.

Follow the example and teachings of the Buddha Shakyamuni, and (at least temporarily) renounce the worldly life and learn how to quiet the mind. You will be taught MANTRA-BASED SHIKAN methods, both sitting in the meditation hall and walking on mountain paths. Since no two people have the same karma, and also since the number of gyoja is expected to be few, the cultivation of training will be as an individual. Buddha Dendo doesn’t charge or collect any fees, so you will need to finance yourself. Either supply your own food and lodging or work out cooperative arrangements. Eat vegetarian food during the training and abandon sexual activity during this time, regardless of what you do before or after. Conduct yourself according to the basic morality of Buddhism and also follow the rules specific to this training and this mountain. Abandon killing and stealing, don’t ingest drugs or alcohol.

Not for yourself are you undertaking training, but to understand the altruistic activities of the bodhisattva benefiting all living creatures. The bodhisattva’s life is in the midst of the world called “Endurance,” but even though he is in the midst he moves opposite the flow of samsara. Now is your opportunity for seclusion and concentration leading to insight and vision.

The goma sight is currently at Buddha Dendo in San Francisco, and the kaihogyo practice is based at The Geysers which is located near the junction of the three counties Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino.


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