Osal Thadral Ling

Osal Thadral Ling is a new Vajrayana center and temple in the Nyingma lineage located at 517 E. 12th St. in New York City. Founded by Khenpo Chime Tsering in 1999, the temple has daily practice which is open to the public as well as weekly classes. Currently, on Saturdays from 10:30AM to Noon, there is a class on Beginning Meditation which is open to all, and on Wednesday evenings from 7:30 to 9:00, there is a class on Chod practice which is open to anyone who has received the Troma Nakmo empowerment.

The Teachers:

Khenpo Chime Tsering, 34, studied at H.H. Penor Rinpoche's Ngagyur Nyingma Institute in Bylakupppe, Karnataka, India, where he maintained the highest honors and ranked first in his class for several years. He studied under a number of Lamas including H.H. Penor Rimpoche and Chatral Rimpoche. Khenpo is from the Yolmo region of Nepal, a hidden land of Guru Rinpoche. With his brother, he is responsible for 98 monasteries in that region. In residence at the temple during part of the year, he spends the remainder of his time traveling to his other centers in the U.S. and Nepal.

Lama Thubten Puntsok, 73, is a Dzogchen yogi who has spent more than 35 years in retreat. He studied for many years under Dudjom Rinpoche and Chatral Rinpoche. Lama Thubten is also known for his divinations and for his pujas to benefit sentient beings. He is in full time residence at the temple and is teaching both the weekly classes. Also in residence are two monks, one Nepalese and the other American.


To inquire about schedules or to arrange an interview with Lama Thubten, please call (646) 602-2871, or email kchime@peoplepc.com.