Homage to Gyatrul Rinpoche
written by Sangye Khandro for the Ten Shuk in May 1997

Homage to the Guru who is the Buddha!

Homage to the Guru who reveals to us who the Buddha is!

Homage to the Guru who is our own inseparable, indwelling, naturally-occurring pure-awareness Buddha nature!

Homage to Gyatrul Rinpoche who is such a Guru of unequaled kindness!

It is no coincidence today that we find ourselves sitting in your presence in the northwest country of Oregon at the time of Lord Buddha Shakyamuni's enlightenment, practicing the Dharma of the Great Perfection Atiyoga with you, the teacher known as All Sublime Transcendental Knowledge, Kunzang Sherab, with your retinue of male and female Boddhisattvas whose lives are dedicated to benefit all others. In your presence today, we take a few moments to reflect upon the past, the present, the future and our eternal connection with you.

It has been 25 years since His Holiness the Dalai Lama, His Holiness the Karmapa, and His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche sent you to the West. It has been 18 years since you came to Ashland, Oregon and this piece of land was offered to you for your own personal retreat. Rather than keeping something for yourself, you knew your purpose in this place. Because of you, it was 17 years ago that His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche placed his lotus feet on this land. He prayed for over an hour as he consecrated the land and proclaimed that anyone who practiced here with sincere heartfelt devotion would achieve the rainbow body Over the many years that followed, a steady stream of great realized teachers came here to give empowerments, transmissions and teachings. Secret retreats were held way before any construction ever began For the first time on the North American continent, the most profound practices from the Land of
Snow were taught and practiced here to mark the very beginning of the propagation of Secret Mantra Vajrayana in America.

Land is not rendered sacred until the feet of realized beings have blessed it. The power of their blessings is thereafter invoked with every prayer, every mantra, every prostration, every circumambulation and meditation that occurs. Due to you and your kindness, profound blessings abound in this place that has become a true power spot in the western hemisphere.

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Tulkus make offerings to Gyatrul Rinpoche, Tashi Chöling' May 1997

Now in the present, because of you and your kindness, we have the fully-endowed opportunity to gather to pray and practice during this Sagadawa month of 100,000 virtues increasing.

In particular, our prayer at this moment carries the words of this text written by Guru Rinpoche's representative in this world, His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche. Yet there is nothing more important to us than your presence in this world. When we know that our human eyes can still see you and we can hear your voice, pray and laugh with you, there is hope that we will be continually inspired and uplifted to eternalize and become all that you exemplify. Yet at the same time, we believe in the continuity of mind which means that our connection is automatically enduring because it is not dependent upon circumstances. Yet, even though the moon shines in the sky with clear light, unclear water cannot reflect it. Even though you have introduced us again and again to our wisdom mind, the qualities of which are spontaneously inconceivable, without you to remind us, we still have difficulty recognizing this. We cannot reflect the vast qualities of wisdom without your example.

We pray to your body of the four kayas to receive the unceasing flow of your blessings. Together we gather as one Sangha today, as one mandala of vajra brothers and sisters to offer the mandala, the universe of all appearances, including our bodies, our speech, our minds and all of our virtue amassed together at once to your enlightened body, speech and mind. In accepting these representations of the Buddha's body— the statue of Buddha Amitabha, the Buddha's speech—the precious scripture, the enlightened mind—the stupa. it is our prayer that you will remain firm for one hundred ages of time, fuming the wheel of the precious Buddhadharma unceasingly for the welfare and liberation of all parent sentient beings.


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Ven. Khenpo Namdrol to Teach Sangwa Nyingpo

In February 1999 at Tashi Chöling, the Venerable Khenpo Namdrol will teach Mipham Rinpoche's commentary called "Essence of Luminosity" on part of the Sangwa Nyingpo - also known as the Guyagharba, or Secret Essence. Khenpo Namdrol is one of the senior khenpos under H.H. Penor Rinpoche and is one of the few people in the world qualified to give these remarkable teachings.

Because of the advanced nature of the subject matter, all students must attend every session and must have completed their ngöndro. The teachings will last for five weeks and will be held in the evenings to accommodate participants' work schedules. Exact dates, costs and more detailed information will be available after July 17 1998. If interested, call Tashi Chöling's voice mail at 541-482-2399 or write Box 64, Ashland, OR 97520.

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